Description Is a manufacturer of cosmetics. Topical cosmetics in the international level. Providing full range of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) services to leading cosmetic brands. Hospitals and Clinics Dermatologists Beauty Clinic And customers who want to own a brand of cosmetics business. With a team of experienced dermatologists, pharmacists and cosmetic scientists. Combined with advanced research and development technology. Production with innovative and modern technology. Selection of raw materials for skin care, leading the world. The quality is meticulously. Pay attention to every step of production. In order to obtain high quality standard products, it is accepted by customers all over the world. We can produce products according to customer's budget. Cost control Production volume to meet the needs of customers. We are ready to serve our customers with "One Stop Service". To register the production and distribution in accordance with domestic and foreign laws. Production Media and Marketing Tools Business Planning Channel Distribution For beginners or for beauty business. The company is pleased to consult on the cosmetics business in all dimensions. And realize the obligations. To create a great product and be ready to step into the beauty business world along with all customers to succeed in sustainable cosmetics business forever and forever.