Escort Quality design services, cosmetics, cosmeceuticals that are unique to individuals (Customized Skin Care) These services will provide the most important is the "you" because the skin of each person is different. We want to take care of the difference. The use of cosmetic skin care in general. Or even cosmetics brand is expensive. Does not answer the specific needs of individual skin problems seeing clearly. Because of this design, cosmetics, skincare broad to apply to the skin are the most common. The focus on quantitative market only.


With this unique feature of this service Escort Quality starts from the partnership.
Development of a team of specialists in dermatology, the District Property Management and scientists cosmetics. To develop methods to determine the individual's skin condition. The questionnaire Questionnaire Only special redevelopment In order to perform cosmetic skin care designed to meet the needs of the skin varies for each person. Not only will you be able to identify the type of broad skin, dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, normal skin, but also in-depth information. With a deep examination of your skin care needs that treat or reduce any problems. In order to see real results clearly emphasize the qualitative itself.


    Did you know that the main component of cosmetics, skin care, all kinds of four parts.

  • Compounds generated cream (Base): the texture looks at first sight (First Impression).
  • In this Cosmetics It has a wide range of meat, whether it is a cream, lotion, gel serum.
  • The active substance (Active Ingredients): is the linchpin of cosmetics. That was the point of sale (Selling Point) of the cosmetics brand itself. This substance will cause changes to the skin when we use cosmetics. You can also take into account the efficiency of action already. Taking into account the compatibility of the cream (bass) as well.
  • (Preservative): a chemical that does not seem important. But in fact, it is very important renewal of the cosmetics that we use as well.
  • Additives such as colors or fragrance: it is not necessary for cosmetics. Because that may cause allergic reactions. Irritation But in this market additives used to make cosmetics look and features that add more.

Why should we use cosmetics, skincare individual?

Cosmetics are sold in the market. Or cosmetics brands that are expensive.
Often mixing without the need to surface. In addition, some also create adverse effects which may cause irritation, just because it looks just like a cosmetic use. Eye to the consumer, such as adding color with fragrance chemicals. It is also often mixed with a feel good after working as a lubricant blending of Silicones to feel slippery surface. Indeed, not a benefit to the skin in any way. Or may be harmful to the skin filler substances such as steroids, mercury, hydrochloric acid, vitamin or non-Q in order to get results fast Truth. As you see in the news today.

Brad's class international cosmetics. It is expensive In addition to the cost of the product
Also have higher marketing costs, such as advertising, public relations and much more. The cost of these markets become global, with major cost of expensive cosmetics. Instead of the main components for the tender, of cosmetics. As a result, consumers have to bear the price to be paid to them at exorbitant prices.


Therefore, the cosmetic skin break open person (Customized Skin Care).
It is the best answer. That will make you feel skincare products that can solve skin problems. Nourish your skin on the spot. The result is a clear effectively. According to your needs You can also have a powerful skincare cosmetics affordable cosmetics brands in the world. The prices that many times.


3 Steps to design personalized cosmetics.

  1. Check the condition of the individual. By respondents Questionnaire Only special redevelopment In order to perform cosmetic skin care designed to meet the particular needs of your skin.


  2. And selected as the active ingredient (Active Ingredients) on the types and quantities of high-quality produce from France, Switzerland, the United States or Japan, so you can be assured. No matter what your skin type is used. Even sensitive skin He will receive the best in care. All of our ingredients have been proven to be effective in the treatment and care and treatment through inspection standards according to your skin as much as possible.
  3. Made with high quality ingredients that are carefully selected. Process control, advanced manufacturing sterile for proper skincare and the good health of your skin. Called “ Skin Care's exclusive skin only. ”