Escort Quality applies endless commitment and devotion into continuous R&D innovation and technology to provide our customers with the finest products and services, through its ceaseless investment in all areas of R&D including, laboratory facilities, cutting edge development and global marketing of all products produced and formulated. Our mission is to challenge the limits and pursue ideas that go beyond the trodden path as sources of innovation.

Our experts are the best researchers in their fields. As a result of their endeavors, international companies now recognize the technical capability of Escort Quality, whose name is now widely known not only in the Thai cosmetics industry but also in the world market. As such, we are devoted to pioneering the world cosmetics market.

We have planned and will continue to invest in our R&D structure, component research and sourcing the utmost effective ingredients as well as marketing, training and derma logical sciences are at and above international standards to ensure we remain at the top of the cosmetic/skin care manufacturing industry and in turn we can continue to deliver high performing products to both our customers and their end users.

Our R&D centers are made up of 5 componential departments, all playing integral roles in the development of new formula development, raw material development, product development, quality assurance & planning and research. In parallel to our R&D team we run a creative development unit whom study the consumer market habits and needs, global regional trends and fashions, innovation and technological advancements together they work side by side to create new formulas that are cutting edge and overall deliver cutting edge new products.

Our developist’s, scientists and technicians work in unison in developing specialty formulas by applying their scientific expertise that deliver optimum skincare benefits to each and every product that we develop and deliver to our customers.

The highest standards of ingredient selection are a vital part of our business model to ensure during the manufacturing processes that all ingredients retain’ purity, strength and vitality. Our proprietary delivery system ensures maximum stability and absorption of actives into the skin that deliver 100% effectiveness and absorption.

All of our products are entirely tested, formulated and manufactured by us with scrupulous attention to detail and an uncompromising commitment to providing the very best end product, we do not conduct any cosmetic or skin care product testing on animals.