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Escort Quality Co., Ltd., which has been a leader in the cosmetics ODM / OEM industry in Thailand has been supplying more than 600 esteemed cosmetics companies with the highest quality cosmetics products we develop and manufacture. With a team of experienced and specialized team of dermatologists, pharmacists and scientists cosmetics. Combined with technology, research and development of advanced cosmetic formulas. Production with innovation and modern technology. Selected extracts raw material for the skin around the world. A meticulous quality inspection. Take care of every step of production. To obtain a high quality product standard is accepted by clients all over the world.

We can manufacture products according to customer preference. Cost Control Production to meet customer demand. We offer clients a fully integrated "One Stop Service" from manufacturing, product development, packaging design and brand. Registration of production and distribution is required by law in many countries. Production and marketing tools, business planning distribution channels. For those who want to start or continue the business of the beauty


We is willing to provide advice on all aspects of doing business in cosmetics. And recognizing the obligation To create a great product and ready to walk in beauty side by side with our customers to succeed in business, cosmetics sustained stability and strong forever.



Commitment towards being a leader in the business of cosmetics and cosmeceuticals inclusive, sustainable and universally strong. Over the course of business at the fair. And Corporate Social Responsibility


- High quality ingredients and extracts from all over the world. Used in the manufacture of cosmetics To get a quality product standard, premium and     ultimate security.

- Commitment to research and develop new product formulations. With cutting-edge innovation To provide products that meet the needs of markets and customers regularly.

- Development of quality products manufactured to high standards. Using modern machinery and technology.

- Strive to raise the level of service, consulting and business development. Coupled with customers With heartfelt care

- Entrenched in the honesty and integrity to our customers and society.


“Because of your success Is Ours”

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