Starting branding cream. What to do?
A : When customers interested in creating their own brand of cosmetics. The company describes the steps followed.
  1. Target
  2. Select the desired product to market.
  3. Name brand Name the place and the image of the brand.
  4. Distribution Channels
  5. order the desired format.
  6. Design logo label packaging.
  7. Production and release to manufacturing.
  8. Customers receive products and further distribution. Just as you can create your own brand easily.
Q : Is that possible that client have budget of their own?
A : Customers can set budget to it. Because the Company has a standard formula. And production profile, consider carefully. And several price range
Q : Want to buy a cream containing is that okay?
A : Customers can buy cream packed oh his or her  own. Because the Company has a standard formula are available already.
Q : Can customer buy packaging from elsewhere?
A : Customers can buy the package for the plant. Or want to buy the factory packaging to the Supplier. As defined here But the plant would have cost in the clean sterile packaging. The packing and shipping costs The plant, which will summarize all customers to consider before starting work every time.
Q : What is the One Stop Service?
A : The cream brand offers a complete all phases. Manufacturing cream => FDA. => The packaging => cream filling =>. Logo design label => Print stickers => sticker> plastic shrink wrap => available.
Q : Are there trial or not?
A : The product works with the standard formula for customer trials to test the performance that is required or not. If a recipe developer Customers only need to order before You will have to try it.
Q : To develop a new formula to own it, and how?
A : We provide formulation development. To meet the needs of target customers.
Q : Customers can bring their own raw materials. Mix with the standard cream that is available ?
A : Yes, we can do but the raw materials that will be put into the product must be accompanied by supporting documents attached to each other (COA = Certificate of Analysis).
Q : Our Standard Products formulated with FDA . Or not?
A : Our products Through notification from its formula. All items can be viewed Recieve informed that each product has.
Q :How long time to produce cream brand, how long?
A : The company is divided into two parts: the production period.
  1. to produce a standard formula takes 7-14 days.
  2. requiring the production recipe development takes 14-30 days duration may be inaccurate during Approve formula.
Q : customers buy, and then to allergy it?
A : allergy cream that occur can be found here. (Depending on your individual skin type as well) are not allergic. Because the product groups, cosmeceuticals And at all stages of production, regardless of quality, safety and gentle for all skin types.
Q : After customers or clients use the product will he or she see a result?
A : The result of the cream depends on the skin condition of the person. All products are prohibited substances. Therefore, the results and see the difference of the skin will not see the rapid results in general propaganda. However, long-term changes can be seen with continuous use of at least one month.
Q : How can we ensure that the cream produced by the company is legal and the is no banned substances?
A :We guarantee it. The cream produced for every customer does not contain prohibited substances in all respects. Customers can send their creams in every production lot to the operating room you trust for prohibited substances. We will try to test the substance with a preliminary test with our cream.
Q : By building our own cosmetic brand, do customers need to have their own factory?
A : Branding itself No need to own a factory. There are companies that directly produce. Before making a decision to hire a production should study the source of the production before. For safety in obtaining quality products and bases.