Why we must be old! (Mechanism of Aging)

Have you ever wondered ...

- Why did the baby grow up?
- Why do women enter the teenager and start menstruating with acne, have a beautiful skin?
- Why do women go to the age of 45-50 to start menopause? Skin wither?
- Why do boys have hoarseness? Going to the pub?
- Why at the age of 50 years, we are beginning to have gray hair, aging skin. Dry skin?
- Why ...? (much more)

How old is that!

Aging occurs from the beginning of fertilization. But aging is the last of human life. This is the process of development of life from the young to the old, so from the fetus. When you are older, you will be born as a baby, as a child, as a child, as an adult or as an elder. With endocrine disorders The development is very fast, making it into the elderly in a short time. From the face of the child becomes the face of the old man. The skin wrinkles immediately, but in some people, even old age. But look at the face like a young age. Without any surgery or injection under the skin. So old it looks like It is not equal to everyone as a map is set up and affects all people. It is a condition where all living things can not be avoided.
All of this is due to the mechanism of aging. Related to processes. Many within the system of the body that work properly and properly. These mechanisms are difficult to study. It will explain all the events. There are many theories that try to explain the mechanism of aging to all kinds of organisms. Referring to the process involved. Work together

The division of the mechanisms of aging into three groups as follows.

1. Micro accidents The mechanism of damage to the cellular level is spread throughout the body.

There are damage levels at the cellular level that spread throughout the body. This includes conditions that destroy the body's vital organs.
- The free radicals generated by the action of the cell. And it is important to destroy DNA and protein.
- Mutagen is a chemical that affects DNA, which interfere with the gene.
- Radiation effects such as UV radiation, X-ray damage to the cell system.
- Some chemicals, such as aldehydes, formaldehyde, etc., have negative effects on the cellular components.
- other ...
These changes happen all the time in our cells. Most will not have much damage to the body. Because of the nature of the body, we have a process to fix. And there may be some that survive. There are only a few. But if there is a small damage accumulation. These are combined into a long time. It may cause damage to the organs as well as when we are older. This fix may be impaired or less effective. These changes are only minor. It may cause a loss as well.

2. Aging Clocks Aging is programmed at the genetic level, which is the life span.

In the beginning there was research on age. There are many arguments that the mechanism of Aging clock is real or not. Because in fact found. Single cell life is not an aging clock, so they can be divided into unlimited numbers like bacteria, etc. At the same time. There are many proofs that support that. Complex organisms such as mammals have more than one Aging Clock.
Most cells in higher organisms Life cycle means that these cells are limited in number, such as frog skin cells. Cellular clock can be divided into 10 increments.

Most cells in higher organisms There is a clock in the brain. It will keep track of the development and age of the organism called Central clock.
- This clock is quite different in each person. Each species of life External environmental factors will affect the clock to walk faster or slower. For example, stress will accelerate this clock to speed up.

Note: A clear example of Aging Clock is a watch that controls the reproductive system in women. This will be activated when entering adolescence. Women will start menstruating. And at about 45 years, this clock will shut down the reproductive system. Make women into golden age.

3. The theory that the mechanism of loss of life.

- Disposable Soma & Genetic Theory is a reference to the increasing age that is determined by the level of genetic material.

- Immunological Theory on Immune Theory It is believed that immunity will begin to decrease with age. It also causes the cells to deteriorate and eventually die.

- Telomere Theory is a theory of short-term contraction of Telomere cells in the upper part of DNA when we grow older. Let us look down on it every day.

What factors make people too old to nature?

From start to eat all of these. And suitable for growing. People in the countryside Usually lack of protein. While people in the city often eat too much fat. Eating without pesticides, preservatives, chemicals, etc. are the main factors that lead to longevity.
To know the disease. Using a healthy lifestyle. It is a very important factor.
Wearing seasonal clothes To be in a temperate environment. And fresh air Convenient transfer It is very necessary. Exercise or use force in the right position. And do not overdo their own strength. The arthritis does not deteriorate too quickly. Overdose is too much for the body to deteriorate. This is what accelerates the aging process.

To slow down It means keeping the condition of the organism for as long as possible.
Creativity Can eat (All of them) breathe (fresh air) is moving (often, but not too much) and have reproductive ability. (When not too tired), as long as the condition of the organism is defective. As long as the aging will occur immediately. Old age is something that can slow down. How to slow down the need to start from childhood to adulthood. It's not slow when it comes to the end of life.