When referring to the structure of the skin, it can be seen. The skin consists of an important structure because the skin is responsible for protecting the internal organs. It is a front door to protect the body. It is also an important component in the indication of abnormalities of the body.

Our skin consists of three layers, consisting of layers of cuticle, dermis, and fat layer, which have different functions. Each component can be classified. Are as follows

Epidermis (Epidermis) is a structure outside the body that helps to protect our inner skin. Epidermis The skin is a miracle in the function of a very specific. It helps to prevent pollution and chemicals from the outside. Including in the sun that hurt the skin. Due to the air inside the general environment. It consists of heat. Dry skin makes the skin lose moisture. And there are chemicals that cause irritation. The cause of rash. As well as red stains caused by the side effects of chemicals that constantly irritate the skin if not removed. In addition, the outer layer of the epidermis also helps to protect the body from moisture loss as well. The climate in Thailand is quite hot. In combination with weather conditions. Due to degradation of the atmosphere. The heat. Skin epidermis to help protect the skin is the first.


Dermis is a layer of skin consisting of collagen, elastin, and connective tissue that help build strength. To the skin In addition, the layer of leather is also a thick component. And the source of the sensory system. When injured in this layer of skin. This will cause the level of sensation to change.


The fat layer (Subcutis) is a layer of skin that helps to maintain control and prevent injury. As well as being the source of the vascular system, the skin is nourished with nutrients and oxygen suitable for skin cells to complete the skin. The skin is healthy.

The above components of the skin are all important components and structures to the skin. Because the body has a healthy skin. It reflects and reflects on the health care. Regular skin care helps keep your skin healthy for the rest of your life.