Continuing care Can be considered as a very important. In health care that allows for the quality of life. Good health makes life happier. And also able to do activities as well. People of all ages are more focused on health. What should be taken into account for the good health. Can not do it. Stay focused on self care. Good health is the following.

- Exercise properly
Exercise according to the appropriate principles. Those who exercise should exercise for at least 30 minutes at the heaviness of the activity type. In those who want to build muscle and metabolize the effective nutrients. Exercise is considered to help strengthen the muscles well from the inside. As well as exercise also contribute to the metabolism process to be effective (Metabolism), thus reducing the accumulation of fat. That is the part that destroys physical health indirectly.

- Eating well in both quantity and quality.
Good food is not just the appearance of food or the price will be able to judge the value of food. Eating out should take into account the five main nutrients that have been known for a long time. It is also a principle that can be used in all ages. Choosing quality food Not just to boost energy. Can also balance the body. As well as enhancing the normal functioning of the body. Eating a quality food helps the body to have good health from the inside to help promote a healthy body.

- Adequate rest
Relaxation is a mental rehabilitation. Helps restore the body's balance. Especially in childhood with many activities. Sleep will stimulate Growth Hormone (GH) to help the body grow. In childhood, so much to rest. For adults to sleep effectively. Reduce the occurrence of defects in the functioning of the organs and the brain that is important to the body. It also helps to strengthen the mood and reduce stress. Having enough rest helps to have a good mood.

Being able to take care of oneself physically. In order to help the work of the internal organs of the body to work most effectively. Including good health will help mental health is complete to face more problems.