The structure of the body to help support the body. Bones Bones are a very important part of body building. The bones of the people are the axial skeleton and skeleton. The appendicular skeleton is important for the protection of the internal organs. There is no loss of strength or potential damage from accidents. The condition of osteoporosis is caused by the age of more. The cause of the drug can cause osteoporosis, such as steroids. The bone structure is important, including calcium.

Calcium is eaten. Calcium is the body part. Foods that can supplement calcium to the body is diverse. The type that helps to make the body is strong. Dietary supplements for calcium supplementation.

- Cereal

Cereal is a food that helps to promote the body balance. Calcium from food sources of cereals It is a source of quality natural food. Cereals include calcium, soybeans, black sesame, soybeans, which are added to high-benefit supplements. It is a plant that can be cooked into a drink that is easy to eat. And also high calcium. In addition, today, there are processed cereal foods to be used as ready-to-drink beverages to meet the modern lifestyle of the city.

-Dairy products

Milk is considered to be an important food to supplement calcium. Milk is suitable for people of all ages. However, it may affect adults who may have diarrhea. Because of the depletion of enzymes used in milk.

Milk has been processed in the yogurt. As well as components of desserts containing milk to be a key ingredient.

- some green leafy vegetables

Some green leafy vegetables have high calcium content. For those who like to eat vegetables such as kale,

These are rich in nutrients and vitamins of high quality. Green leafy vegetables are also able to be cooked and contain high quality fiber.

In addition to eating high calcium. What is important is eating high vitamin D content. Because of its high vitamin D content, calcium contributes to the efficient absorption of calcium. Vitamin D is a vitamin found in fatty foods. The liver, fish, milk, butter, etc. This type of eating. It helps to promote the growth of bone and teeth quality.