Skin care is a very important component. Due to the good health of the skin and the clarity, it is an important component in creating a good personality. Skin care can be taken care of from the skin, health and skin. To increase the efficiency of skin care to good health. Skin care can be taken care of as follows.

Eating a meal

Do you believe that eating affects the skin health? Because some nutrients are beneficial to health. Foods that help to keep the skin healthy are vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in the process of effective skin care. Including vitamin C is also active against free radicals. Vitamin C is usually found in foods that are sour. In fruits and vegetables such as guava, tamarind, lychee, papaya, green leafy vegetables, etc. These fruits can be eaten fresh. Green leafy vegetables can be cooked into a simple meal. In addition, the fiber in the vegetables and fruits also contain natural fiber to stimulate the normal process of excretion. But you add a little water. This will make the skin bright and healthy.

Skin cream.

Skin cream is present in a variety of brands. Different strategies in the cosmetics market. Essentials of the skin are available. The use of facial cream helps to moisturize. Choose a moisturizer that helps the skin is satiated, not dry. The skin cream should be selected according to the appropriate skin. Like in oily skin. Do not use skin cream with a lot of oil because it makes the skin greasy. In addition to annoying. Sticky It also causes clogged pores and acne as well. In addition, the sunscreen. Used to protect skin from UV rays. Mostly should be selected with SPF 30 PA +++ to help protect the skin fully. Especially those who work or outdoor activities often. Should have a sunscreen in the bag. To help reduce the damage to the skin to accumulate cancer cells occur.


Exercise that results in healthy skin. Because the skin is healthy. It is good to get food and oxygen from the body. The body will have good blood circulation. Based on effective heart function. exercise Strengthens the compression of the heart. Allows the lungs to function fully. The nutrients and oxygen to the skin as well.

Self-care to create healthy skin is not difficult. If taken care of regularly. And to take care of themselves to avoid the factors that cause drowsiness. To help promote healthy skin.