1. Gac Fruit Extract
- Helps neutralize free radicals. The skin is radiant.
2. Betal Papper Extract
- Acne blemish killer suitable for acne products. And clean

3. Coffea Arabica (Coffee Extract)
- Helps neutralize free radicals. Protect the skin. And skin cells.

4. Lotus Stamen Extract
- anti-oxidant Reduce redness from acne. Brightens the skin.

5. Purple Brown Rice (Tilapia Extract)
- Helps skin to shine. Increase the humidity. And antioxidants.

6. Fruitogreen (extract from Kiwi)
- Helps to moisturize skin. And white radiance. Reduce wrinkles of skin caused by age.

7. Activated Carbon
- Helps to absorb dirt off the skin as Dtox skin is the safest.

8. Butterfy Pea Extract
- Helps reduce hair loss. And shiny black hair.

9. Red Fruit Complex
- Blended with the fruit of the family of berries. Anti-Oxidant helps to reduce wrinkles on the face, brighten the complexion and smooth the skin.

10. Carrot HG Extract (carrot extract)
- Helps control the oil and tighten the pores on the face. Helps skin cells gently and hydrates skin.
11. White Tea Hydroglycolic Extract (White Tea Extract)
- Helps neutralize free radicals. And moisturize the skin. Reduce irritation, reduce acne, reduce wrinkles.

12. Cucumber Hydroglycolic Extract (Cucumber Extract)
-Help add moisture to the skin Reduced inflammation. And reduce skin irritation. It also helps to shed cells. Skin is gentle.

13. Ginseng Extract (Ginseng Extract)
- Reduces wrinkles, aging skin. And stimulates the circulation of water to nourish the skin. Make a detoxification. The skin is better to the skin to shine look younger.

14. Rose Water (Rose Extract)
- Extracts extracted with special effects. The value of the roses as well. Helps regenerate skin cells and helps to kill bacteria. The cause of acne as well.

15. Caviar Extract (Caviar Caviar Extract)
- Rich in collagen from the sea to nourish and revitalize the skin. Makes the skin soft and moist. Moist not dry Help restore the skin.

** is a premium natural extracts. From home and abroad **