Many people who are health lovers. It can not be denied that the skin is an important element in enhancing the personality. Confidence And the skin looks watery smooth, resulting in good looking skin. In terms of how healthy the skin is beautiful healthy. Factors that are important is to maintain a healthy skin. To help balance the skin. Skin care that most girls often neglect the skin is black. Dark circles may occur Of your own behavior You may not expect it. The behavior that leads to the skin is a variety of the following.


- Use creams only when you are in the middle.
Do you believe that during the day during the rain? Most girls are afraid of sunlight to hurt the skin. The sun cream is very special. To prevent light that may result in dark skin. The darker the easier. But faith is considered part of the faith. Because under the shield from various places. In addition, the clothes can not protect the sun. Because of the sunlight, there is a light called UV Ultraviolet that affects the skin and can be touched even in the sun. Or wearing thick clothes. The sun will cause the stimulation of the melanin. That causes the pigmented cells to be stimulated. The skin is dark. And exposure to sunlight that continuously attacks the skin also stimulates the skin cancer cells as well.


- Drinking alcoholic beverages. To healthy skin
Many people believe that drinking alcoholic beverages will help to pump blood vessels to work better. Helps to make the skin healthy. But believe that Alcohol is a direct attack on the skin. Because almonds will cause the body to lose water. Water is a major component of the skin is moist. Observations from people who drink alcohol often will result in frequent urination. The body loses water. The skin is not healthy balance. Cause dryness. When dry The skin will be wrinkles easily. When the body is not resting. The skin is not healthy. Also results in deterioration of the body. And fast as well.

It can be seen that the behavior of the skin above. The skin is not healthy balance. Skin degeneration will cause problems spread and make the skin deteriorate, resulting in chronic skin problems.