Healthy skin This is what makes a difference in personality. Because of the skin that is clear and free of acne, freckles, dark spots that can meet the needs of modern women as well. Mostly how to make healthy skin there are many ways. Whether eating a good diet. The use of chemicals Surgery But since herbal skin care is another popular choice. And as a way to take care of the skin is more secure. It has the properties of herbs that are unique to the skin. Examples of herbs that help keep the skin healthy is Aloe Vera.

"Aloe Vera" Also known as Aloe vera is a herb that is effective in the skin care that has been used since the past. With deep skin care. Aloe Vera is used in the skin. Considering the properties of aloe vera, there are substances. Glycoprotien This is an important part in helping burn wound burns the wound caused by blisters due to exposure to heat that causes the wound to blister the red water. Including mild irritation caused by the irritation of the skin, the faster it disappears. In addition, the benefits of aloe vera skin. It also helps in reducing the acne that is common in adolescents with hormone changes that cause acne. Aloe Vera will help reduce the problem of acne effectively.

By the way, the composition of Aloe Vera is not difficult. The selection of aloe vera leaves are modest. Choose a leaf that is full of water. No pathogens and insects To clean the outside to reduce the accumulation of germs and dirt around one. Then use the peeling method. Take in the jelly from the aloe vera to wash the water. To avoid any possible irritation. To facilitate the user to be blended to make the jelly to break and mask the surface. The value of aloe vera in skin deep. Leave for about 15 minutes and then wash your face to be clean, soft and moisturizing and help to restore the skin naturally. The use of this method can be used once a week, the user should be irritated, should be avoided.

It can be seen that the aloe vera of Thailand is beneficial to the skin. The skin is healthy, it is not difficult.