1.Copper Peptide (GHK-Cu) Made in USA

Features: Copper peptide GHK-Cu concentration of 1000 ppm resolves acne scars, reduce wrinkles on the face. Nourish the hair follicle and stimulates the regeneration of hair.
Import from: USA.
Restrictions: Do not mix the formula with Vitamin C and Disodium EDTA


2. Repair Activator™

Features: extract incubation of bacteria Bifido can help repair DNA of the skin by stimulating the skin DNA repair process when UVA light damage and DNA repair processes can add up to 40%.
Import from: Germany
Instructions: Due to the natural extract may be a settling of fillers. There are different colors and intensities. However, no performance decrease. It is advisable to mix into the cream. Or gel with relatively viscous texture.

3.Perfect-C™ (Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate)

Features: vitamin C is only effective against the Ascorbic Acid (Natural Vitamin C) and absorbed into the skin better than any other vitamin. Skin whitening The antioxidants Stimulate the synthesis of collagen of the skin. By natural processes
Import from: Japan

4.Pep®-Coll (Syn-Coll)

Features: a peptide that is designed to stimulate the skin to produce a natural development of Collagen Peptide small effect can reduce wrinkles on the skin type. There are findings that can reduce wrinkles effectively in a short time. See the range of about 1-3 months depending on the depth of facial wrinkles.
Imported from: Switzerland



Features: The peptides act to reduce the seizure of muscles. This causes wrinkles, especially around the forehead and around the eyes gentle. And safety
Import from: Spain

6. Adenosine Complex

Features: effective in reducing wrinkles can be very high. And help to heal the wounds of the skin. Help repair the aging of the skin at the cellular level. Skin brightening Youthful more
Import from: USA.
Examples of products:
Products of L'Oreal Youth Code.
Shiseido Bio_performanced Super Revitalizing


Features: a peptide that helps to produce collagen. And reduces wrinkles. Add moisture to the skin Add flexibility to the skin Restoring and rejuvenating skin care always.
Instructions: Use with Argireline® to enhance performance. And help fill the trenches on the surface to be smooth even better.
Imported from: France

8. Apple Stem Cell Extract (AppleCell™) Made in Switzerland

Features: AppleCellTM (Apple Stem Cell Extract) are stem cells of apples in Switzerland. Extracts are included in the Liposome to be able to penetrate deep into the skin cells. To help maintain the longevity of skin cells more. As a result, slow down aging of the skin. Skin rejuvenation
Imported from: Switzerland

9. Ceramide Complex (CeraTouch™)

Features: a ceramide concentration (CeraTouch ™) extracted from vegetable fat. skin is dry, wrinkles and protects the moisture barrier. Perfect for dry skin
Imported from: Germany

10. DMAE (SkinTight MD™) Liquid

Features: a natural extract. Reduce wrinkles Moisturizing skin care and enhance the effectiveness of other antioxidants.
Import: USA.

Tips to enhance efficiency, reduce wrinkles when used in combination with L-Tyrosine (Wrinkle -Fill).

11. Coenzyme Q10

Features: help repair damaged skin. And aging from UV light. Highly effective antioxidant.
Imported from: Japan




Features: improves the blood circulation in the skin. Protecting the integrity of collagen and elastin in the skin. Antioxidant To protect the skin And wrinkles perfectly. Reduce inflammation of the skin And the dangers of UV rays
Tip: If the product around the eyes. Recommended with Ceramide or Beta Glucan to reduce irritation.
Produced by: Switzerland


13. Vitamin B3, Niacinamide (Safe-B3™)

Features: Reduces wrinkles, reduce redness / black by adding a pigment spot of skin moisturizing. By stimulating the skin to Synthesis of collagen. And ceramide (ceramide) also makes the skin healthy. Anti irritation (irritants) are better. As well as to reduce oil on the face (sebum excretion).
Safe-B3 ™ is a special type of Vitamin B3 Niacin Niacin is less than 50ppm substances which cause allergies.
Imports from: USA
Tips: Safe-B3 ™ is suitable for mixing with N-acetyl Glucosamine enables more efficient. The skin Allows wrinkles and fade. Hyaluric acid and stimulate the skin's natural.
Examples of products:
Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Daily Mattifying Lotion with SPF15.
SK II Whitening Source Derm Definition
La Roche-Posay Biomedic C-Recovery Treatment.
SK-II Cellumination Essence
Philosophy 'lasting hope' instant refreshing moisture mask.
SK-II skin siganature
SK-II Whitening Source Skin Brightener.
Laura Mercier Multi-Vitamin Serum (Treatment).
BioDerma hydrabio moisturising toning lotion
BioDerma Matriciane Multi-Defence
Olay Complete Ageless Skin Renewing UV Lotion, SPF 20.
SKIN FOOD GoldKiwi emulsion

14. Centella Asiatica Extract (Asiaticoside)

Features: extract of Centella asiatica. Reduces inflammation And most importantly, Can stimulate the production of collagen, reducing wrinkles, firming up. And help heal wounds or red marks caused by acne.
Imported from: France
Examples of products:
SK-II Cellumination Essence
Christian Dior - hydra life pro-youth skin tint.
Estee Lauder Nutritious vita-mineral radiance essence.

15. Calendula Extract (Water Soluble)

Features: flower extract Calendula officinalis L. (Marigold), which is found in the Mediterranean. A moisturizing properties Reduce inflammation, irritation Sensitive skin treatment And anti aging of the skin Accelerate the formation of the surface layer. Helps skin look healthy.
Imported from: France

16. Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate / retinol palmitate)

Features: Vitamin A Retinyl Palmitate type is effective in accelerating the creation of new skin cells. Stimulate the production of collagen. And elastin to make the skin look healthy. Help fill trenches, wrinkle reduction, acne and skin naturally.
Imports from: USA

17. Beta Glucan (Saccharomyces cerevisiae extract)

Features: Is a beta glucan from yeast. Add moisture to the skin Protect your skin from irritation Reduce wrinkles Add flexibility to skin Unhealthy for sensitive skin to return to its strength.
Imported from: Switzerland

18. Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

Features: A powerful anti-oxidants and prevent the degeneration of skin cells. Reduce wrinkles and dark spots and help acne scars.
Imports from: USA


19. Ferulic Acid

Features : found in the leaves and seeds of many plants. Feature allows the surface of the cell wall strength. The most common sources are cereals such as rice, wheat, corn, do not act as an anti-oxidant protection of skin from sun damage.
Imported from: Switzerland

20. Bio-Placenta

Features: an extract with Growth Factor, and was made in the form of Liposome make substances are gradually absorbed into the skin effectively. Extends to the cell surface Stimulate collagen and skin cells to create more wrinkles. Filled trenches Rejuvenation of the skin perfectly.
Import from:


21. Syn® AKE

Features: Tri-Peptide as a direct care. And reduces the contraction of muscles beneath the skin. The wrinkles on the face look more shallow. And skin look smoother And make the skin look younger
Imported from: Switzerland


22.  Syn® COLL

Features: Peptide is designed to stimulate the skin to Synthesis of collagen as natural process. The development of small peptide that can reduce the aging of all kinds. The findings confirm that Syn® COLL can increase collagen. And reduces wrinkles effectively in a short time.
Imported from: Switzerland


23.  Syn® HYCAN

Features: Tri-Peptide acts like a filler to fill the trenches of the skin. Improves the process of creating high-dose Ron holes in the skin. The reduces wrinkles and smooth.
Imported from: Switzerland
Tips to optimize the aging of skin perfectly. When working with Glycoaminoglycan And Hyaluronic Acid


24.  Syn® TACKS

Features: Tri-Peptidec and Tetra-peptide. Working with particles of protein. Skin aging is connected to be strong The gap between the lower skin layers. Facial wrinkles look shallower. And skin and look younger.
Import from: Switzerland

25.  Syn® TC

Features: Tri-Peptide that stimulates collagen and most completely. Makes wrinkles look shallower quickly. Skin appears smoother
Imported from: Switzerland

26. Pomegranate Extract

Features: a pomegranate extract. This is a group of very powerful antioxidant. Strengthen, Flexible skin, Help lines And facial wrinkles fade. When used consistently The extract is high in vitamin C. Helps keep skin radiant pink gradually whiten naturally.

Imported from: